Monday, February 11, 2013

Denver Police exonerated by Federal Police in brutal Landau beating

The Department of Justice has decided not to pursue criminal charges against Denver Police officers Randy Murr, Tiffany Middleton, or Ricky Nixon for the beating, and subsequent attempted cover-up, of Alexander Landau in January 2009.

Mr. Landau was beaten within inches of his life by Denver Police officers Randy Murr, Tiffany Middleton, and Ricky Nixon for making an illegal left turn. Pictures of Mr. Landau's bloodied face were quickly circulated via social media and nationwide outrage ensued.

In 2011, a jury found the City of Denver liable to the tune of $795,000 for Mr. Landau's injuries, reportedly including sustained neurological damage. A near record judgement for a police brutality case.

Murr and Nixon had contended that Landau reached for Middleton's gun during the beating, and thus they were justified in the beating...

So, evidence was presented to non-state employees; and they decided the City of Denver was to be civilly liable for Murr, Middleton, and Nixon's actions against Landau to the tune of almost $800k.

But when the Federal government finished looking at the evidence for a criminal case, they decided there was not enough there to pursue criminal charges against the trio of state-sanctioned miscreants.

In short, they believe that Alexander's rights were not violated, or that they didn't have enough evidence to prove that they were.

Somehow, the pictures of Landau's face weren't enough evidence for the Feds, even though they were more than enough for everyone else that saw them to know excessive force was used.

Denverites will surely remember Officer Randy Murr from the Michael DeHerrera beating, where he was fired for lying in a police report (there was a video he didn't know about in that one).

And Ricky Nixon was fired in 2011 for lying in a police report about a violent attack outside the Denver Diner.

So, even with two of the three state witnesses being a known liars and violent actors, the tale of Mr. Landau reaching for Middleton's gun was good enough to justify a savage beating for the Feds.

Mr. Landau said to the Denver Post, "I feel like this is unjust. They beat me half to death and then just joked about it," and "I don't know if there is anything else I can do from here."

And he has probably done all he can, and then some. It's up to the rest of us to dismantle the apparatus that allows for this kind of subjugation of free people.