Tuesday, February 12, 2013

OUTRAGE: Police burn Dorner cabin to the ground

According to CBS-LA correspondent on scene, the police have burned the cabin that it was reported that the alleged murderer Christopher Dorner was holed up in.

There are many troubling issues with this situation, even outside of the 4 people recently murdered:

  • The amount of innocent civilians shot by LAPD during the manhunt and those victims' absolute lack of resemblance to Dorner.
  • The wholesale stop and search of the interior of every vehicle on a major highway on live TV (even after the suspect had been identified and cornered for at least an hour and half).
  • CBS2 Reporter Carter Evans says that "no one I have talked to said they actually saw Christopher Dorner".
  • I heard the audio of the confrontation outside of the cabin via a live feed of the reporter's cell phone video, it sounded like automatic rifle fire first. And then a distinct semi-automatic pacing emerges. Brought up a question to me as to the readily apparent "shoot first" mentality (execution) exhibited throughout the manhunt.
  • Cell phone video by Carter Evans shows military "looking" personnel (digital camo, ACU cap, combat boots, m4) leaving the scene at the beginning of the confrontation with "authorities".
  • No attempted communication with the suspect.
  • Many (over 4) tear gas canisters shot into the residence described as emitting green gas. Then one canister was shot that apparently emitted white smoke, quickly followed by the reporter relating shockingly that the building was suddenly fully engulfed in flames.
  • No fire personnel or equipment on scene. When they arrived (after the roof had already collapsed), they were prevented from putting out the fire by LEO.
  • LEO guns remain steadfastly trained on the cabin, while fully engulfed for at least thirty minutes, and until all of the walls were down.
  • Reporters were kept away from viewing the cabin with cameras even after the fire erupted, were asked to stop tweeting about it, and news helicopters were ordered back even further than the originally established "no-fly zone" of 7 miles, after the house was largely destroyed by fire.
  • Cops are heard on police scanners saying, “Alright, we’re gonna go ahead with the plan with the burners." and “Fucking burn this motherfucker,”  and “burn that fucking house down.”.

Many questions that no one I know really expects forthright answers to, like the most basic; was it even Christopher Dorner? And are police departments across the country no longer in the business of apprehending suspects, but executing them?