Sunday, January 26, 2014

Left-Statists vs. Right-Statists: We all lose

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Though many more Americans are becoming wholly aware of a very real "State vs. The People" paradigm, still too many confuse their personal ideals and behaviors with a way of life that should be imposed through force on the whole of society.

Legislating morality is a fool's errand, but it doesn't stop the climate guardians or the Ten Commandment zealots from continually burrowing into the public's consciousness, distracting from the real issues of the day.

There can be nothing more dangerous than a person who "knows" their way is the "right" way with very little independent thought invested. But they are still nothing but impotent slugs until they are empowered with the legalized violence of the State.

Once a closely held belief that alcohol is the work of the devil or that blacks are inferior to whites, is codified by the state, the most pernicious evils are then allowed to be unleashed upon humanity.

The "Drug War" and the "War on Poverty" both fall into this dubious category, but Right-Statists and Left-Statists will both argue for the necessity of government force for their favored program to effect a benefit on society at large, neither side recognizing that simply using aggressive force against their neighbors will doom their intended goal.

The vast majority of state intervention for supposedly altruistic reasons produce tremendous human cost not equal to the alleged evil confronted. War is the most obvious of these; but also taxation, foreign aid, welfare, licensure, prohibition, and the list goes on.

But as I began, throngs of people are becoming privy to the fact that non-violent action must not be criminalized, nor regulated in any meaningful way, by State actors. This is evidenced by Beltway politicians beginning to pander to a whole group of previously unknown constituents that reject the violence of the U.S. government both at home and abroad. Constituents who recognize that taxation is theft and there can be no argument. Constituents that will not accept any compromise of their individual liberties.

Not that voting will ever produce anything close to tangible for those people. But the sheer number of panderers can be understood as a meaningful measurement of the level of angst for the status quo.

Putting a number to the amount of these people is very difficult, but empirical observations and poll numbers at my disposal would lead me to believe that a good 50% of Americans have a fundamental distrust in their government. And anything even close to that should scare the hell out of those at the top of this house of cards, because their only hope of staying on top is to habitually use the force of the state to thoroughly cripple their potential competition.

Once that option is removed from them, the cards fall.

Rest assured that every single minute another American will be disappointed or wrongly injured by The State, and that very soon the scale will irreversibly tip to The People. I wouldn't want to be on the wrong side when that happens.